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  • KEVIN Chair
    147,93 € In Stock
  • Square Ratán Chair
    296,69 € En stock
    Chair inspired by the design of the architect Jan Bocan, handmade in natural rattan, it is not just a chair, it is a decoration complement with an elegant and timeless style, creating a natural and welcoming atmosphere to the room. It is very comfortable thanks to its backrest, armrests and a cow leather cushion.
  • Antique Bench
    280,99 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    Our antique solid teak wood benches are truly eye-catching inside. Each bench is a unique piece, marked by time, climate and use. Great for the entrance, end of the bed o any living area of your place. (Certified wood which guarantees a sustainable and responsible forest use)
  • Root Stool
    210,74 € In stock
    This teak root side table is a piece that's built to last. It is made from a piece of natural teak wood, so it is unique. (Certified wood which guarantees a sustainable and responsible forest use)
  • Mesita Auxiliar Ratán Mesita Auxiliar Ratán
    Limited special offer
    Rattan Side Table
    86,20 € 123,14 € -30% En stock
    Reduced price!
    Side table made of natural rattan. It is an indispensable complement, versatile, with infinite possibilities in any corner or space.
  • Cabecero de bambú
    119,83 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    Headboards handmade braided with bamboo cane. A boho style in your headboard to give your bedroom a warmer and more natural touch.
  • Moises Ratán
    243,80 € En stock
    Handmade vintage style crib, made in natural rattan. It's more than a decoration style, it's part of your vintage style. Give a romantic touch to your room, you will fall in love.Includes mattress.
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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