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  • Day Light. Monsieur Blonde
    78,51 € In stock
    The monogramed medal is an exact replicate of an ancient medal that carries a small imperfection, which we chose to keep in order to maintain its authenticity. 
  • Asteroid. Monsieur Blonde
    81,82 € In stock
    This simple piece  carries  stardust  in  each  of  its  dangling  gemstones.Materials :brass gold-platedblack onyxmoonstone Length :Adjustable from 45 to 50cm
  • Sunday. Monsieur Blonde
    67,77 € In stock
    Materials : brass gold-plated  black zircon hand carved cow bone Length: adjustable from 45 to 50cm
  • Escape. Monsieur Blonde
    69,42 € In stock
    Materials : brass gold-platedlondon blue topaz garnetgreen quartz Dimensions :6cm long
  • Startligth
    26,45 € En stock
    Pendant made of 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18 carat gold. A very subtle and sophisticated piece, with a moon and two stars interspersed in the chain. According to some mythologies, these symbols, star and moon, refer to the feminine and the Mother Goddess.
  • Pendientes Lúxor
    26,45 € En stock
    Go for originality with these exclusive design earrings made of 925 sterling silver, or brass with an 18-carat Gold finish. An exclusive design from the Alexandria collection.
  • Anillo Edfu
    32,23 € En stock
    Adjustable size ring made of 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver with an 18k gold finish. A timeless and elegant piece that no longer needs to shine with its own light in your hand.
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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