Legal Disclaimer

Read carefully this document. This contains the terms and conditions that governs the access and navigation on the website (hereinafter, the Conditions of Use and the WebSite)

The Conditions of Use regulate the access to the material on the WebSite, and to the WebSite itself, as well as its use by the Users. Mau et toi considers a User, any person that, accedes, navigates, uses or participate in the WebSite.

The access, navigation and use of the WebSite implies the express acceptance without any reserve of the present Conditions of Use, meaning that the use of the WebSite constitutes an agreement between Mau et toi and the User with the same validity and effect that any agreement signed in writing.


The access to the materials provided by Mau et toi on the WebSite does not require any previous registry and is free for the User. However, several services offered by Mau et toi through the Website could be subjected to registry on the WebSite, previous contract and consideration which will be specified in its own contracting conditions.


The WebSite is an online sale platform where Mau et toi sells its own products. The materials of the WebSite are provided to the User by Mau et toi, containing information and promotions of its own products.

Mau et toi provides information about its own products and offers the possibility of its acquisition through the Website. The User, obliges himself to refrain from using the WebSite with illicit or illegal purposes or effects, as well as, in contradiction with this Condition of Use.


In order to maintain the status of User, the User must assume the obligation of NOT accomplishing any of this conducts or actions:

  • a) To create false User profiles with the purpose of avoiding general restriction or general penalties of the WebSite;
  • b) To access, manipulate or use any area of the WebSite that is not meant to be public;
  • c) To use the WebSite for other purposes different from those it was created for, for example, personal conversations, file sharing, personal promotion, political or ideological propaganda, publication, sending or hosting of illegal, obscene, racist, pornographic or offensive content;
  • d) To try to prove, research, analyse or explore the vulnerability of the WebSite, of the payment gateway or of other system or network related with the same, or break any security or authentication barrier related with the WebSite or the referred systems or network.
  • e) To try to decode, decompile, disassembled or invert any software engineering used for providing the services in the Web Site; or
  • f) To damage or try to damage to the system, to other Users, to the host or to the network, manipulate or try to manipulate the access of any User of any kind, including, the undertaking of such purposes by means of the sending of a virus, overload or massive sending of spam or boom mailing.

In the event that the User carries out any of this behaviours, Mau et toi can remove the User’s account and claim for damages.


“Mau et toi” trademark is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office.

The WebSite is a domain name also registered by Mau et toi, neither the domain, nor the trademark “Mau et toi” can be used, unless previous and written authorization by Mau et toi, in connexion with other products different from those of Mau et toi, in any way that can make confusion in our Users/clients or discredit the brand Mau et toi.

Mau et toi owns any and all the rights over the content, design and source code of the Web Site and, especially over the pictures, images, texts, logos, designs, trademarks, commercial names and data displayed on the WebSite.

Without prejudice to the aforementioned, the content of the WebSite has also the condition of a software, and therefore, the current Spanish and European regulation in the subject, is applicable to the same.

It is expressly prohibited the total or partial reproduction of this WebSite or its content, not even by a hyperlink, without previous written authorization of Mau et toi.

Likewise, it is strictly prohibited the copy, reproduction, adjustment, modification, distribution, commercialization, public communication and/or any other action constitutive of an infringement of the current Spanish and International regulation on intellectual and industrial property, as well as the use of the contents of the Web Site, unless otherwise previously agreed in writing with Mau et toi.

MERULES informs that, it does not grant any express or implied license or authorization over the industrial and intellectual property rights or over any other right or property related directly or indirectly, with the WebSite and its contents.


Mau et toi does not guarantee: (i) the continuation of the contents of the Website; (ii) the lack of virus and/or any malware in the WebSite or in the server that supplies it; (iii) the vulnerability of the WebSite and/or the inexpugnability of the security measures adopted in the same; (iv) the damages caused to the User, to himself, or to any third party, by other third party not observing the terms, norms and directions that Mau et toi stabilises in the WebSite or by means of the infringement of the security measures of the WebSite.

However, Mau et toi declares that it has adopted all the security measures according to its possibilities and the technology available, in order to guarantee the functioning of the WebSite and the avoidance existence and transmission of virus and other malware

If the User is aware of the existence of any illicit or illegal content or any content that could infringe intellectual or industrial property right of any third party, must immediately notify it to Mau et toi, so it can take the appropriate measures.


Mau et toi will totally or partially modify the terms of this Conditions of Use by publishing such amendment as this conditions are published or by means of any other communication to the Users.

This Conditions of Use will be in force until the term of its exhibition. The amended Conditions of Use will come in force at the time of its display on the WebSite.

Regardless what it is established in the Conditions of Use, Mau et toi could terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time and without any need of previous notification, the access to the contents of the WebSite, without any possibility of the User of claiming any compensation.


These Conditions of Use will be governed by the Spanish Law.

Both parties agree to summit themselves to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid (Spain), which means that the User could claim its right as consumer in relation to these Conditions of Use not only in Spain but also in its Member State of residence, provided that the User has the status of “consumer” according to the 1999/44/CE Directive.

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